Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Top 13 Products of 2013

Hey huns!
So 'tis New Years Eve which means tomorrow is 2014. Uh oh...

But anywho! I decided as the last post of 2013 I would do my top 13 products of 2013.

1. Naked 2 Palette
I have used this so so much this year. It's a really handy palette as I was able to take it with me for the four times I travelled out of the country this year.

2. Collection Concealer
(sorry I can't remember the full name)
This is an amazing concealer. I've been so surprised by it and I need to repurchase it!

3.Bourjois Healthy Mix Powder
I've used this so much this year that I've nearly finished it right to the pan! I did try the MAC Mineralised Skin Finish, but that caked far too easily and made me break out after a while. I (obviously) reverted back to this WONDERFUL powder.

4. Viva la Juicy La Fleur
I love this eau de toilette so much. It smells beautiful and is really distinctive too.

5. Garden of good and Eva by Benefit
Another smelly thing. I know I've had it for ages at this stage, but its still my go to perfume everyday because its not overwhelming at all.

6. Kiko Lipstick
Bought this in October and OH MY GOD. I love the colour and the consistency It also stays on for ages. (I should probably do a review)

7. Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation
I only bought this back in October, but its quickly turned into a favourite of mine. It's very light and very buildable. It also fits my (light) skin colour to a tee!

8. Revlon Lip Butter
Very much the same texture and consistency as the Kiko lipstick, I wore this a lot for school this year. It's non drying and has a lovely colour.

9. Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
I bought this over the summer. It works so well for blending my foundation and leaves no brush marks like my other foundation brush does. 

10. Maybelline Baby Lips in 'Cherry Me'
I was skeptical whether they would live up to the hype, but by far Cherry Me is the only one I've used on a regular basis. It gives the best colour of the lot, and moisturises well.

11. Nars blush in 'Deep Throat'
I also bought this in October in Sephora. I almost squealed when I saw the Nars stall in the shop as the only place in Ireland you can get Nars is either online or in Brown Thomas. In Dublin.
This blusher is amazing and also stays on for ages.
(I feel like I've said that a lot in this post.)

12. MAC Lipsticks
I bought my first MAC lipstick back in February which feels like absolutely ages ago. Except its not. These lipsticks don't dry my lips at all and are so pigmented. 

13. Nivea Lip Butters
(In general)
I know that people either love or hate these. I for one, love them. They don't stay on for long but are perfect as a base for lipsticks as they stop your lips drying out. I have three which are Vanilla Macedamia (pictured above), Caramel Cream & Raspberry Rosé. They also smell fantastic which is also great!

So those are my top 13 products of 2013 and I hope you enjoyed this post! 
Also, I want to wish you all a happy new year and say thank you for reading my blog and watching my videos.
Kate x

Monday, 30 December 2013

#ChristmasBloggers || FINAL POST! What I got for Christmas

Sadly, Christmas has been and gone, which means this is the last post of #ChristmasBloggers 2013! :((
So, although two days late I'm leaving my 'What I got for Christmas 2013' video below as I don't have time to take pictures. I hope you enjoy and I hope you had a merry Christmas!

Tuesday, 24 December 2013



Hey huns!
So as I said it is Christmas eve. I am so unbelievably excited! Christmas is by far my favourite time of year. I can't wait for my mam, dad and brother to open the presents I got them!

 I don't actually make a list anymore, I usually just ask for one big-ish thing and let Santy do the rest! But this year I am asking for a new phone (preferably an iPhone) as my iPod is three years old and the battery dies after half an hour of using it, and also my current phone is really laggy, glitchy and crashes all the time. So a phone would be nice! I have also chosen a few makeup things as well which I can't wait to finally have.

I really hope you all have a safe and lovely Christmas and I'll blog soon!
Kate x

Monday, 23 December 2013

Winter Warmers || Christmas Nails

Hey huns!
So 'tis Christmas Eve Eve and I thought I'd share my Christmas nail tutorial with you! I hope you enjoy!

Sunday, 22 December 2013

#ChristmasBloggers || Last Minute GIft Guide!

Hey huns!
So who can believe that its only three more days to CHRISTMAS!!! This one is a gift guide and although I have already a post on a gift guide for her and a video, I thought I'd do another for more DIY ideas and quick things because you might not be able to get to the shops.

I think this would be such a cute idea for anyone! It's super quick and easy, you just need a mug, marshmallows, candy canes & hot chocolate. (I can get all of this in my local shop) Its not at all expensive either, which is a bonus if you're on a budget!

I think this idea would suit ANYONE!
What you do is get a stocking and fill it up with an array of food, sweets, fizzy drinks etc. Or even just food in general, for example I bought my Da a big box of Fererro Rocher. Also, selection boxes work too!
So this one is definitely cheap cheap! But its the thought that counts, right?
You could also use a YouTube or Spotify playlist. This is a nice gift for friends and family as you can put all they're favourite songs on a CD and whenever they listen to it, they'll think of you! 
(Cheesy I know)

So those are my easy last minute ideas for those who don't or can't go to the busy shops last minute! I hope you enjoyed the post.
Kate x

Friday, 20 December 2013

Late #ChristmasBloggers post || Christmas Decorations: DIY Snowmen!

Hey huns!
So this is my long overdue #ChristmasBloggers post. I had the video made but editing made it take longer. But here it is and I hope you enjoy! 

Kate x

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Video || Christmas Gift Guide 2013 for Her

Hey huns!
So this is a quick mid weekish post. I have a video due to be uploaded to do with #ChristmasBloggers, so that should be up by the end of the week! 

Also, I get my holidays in just TWO MORE DAYS! Naturally, I can't wait! So hopefully I'll get a good bit of pre filmed & uploaded videos for after the new year, so I'll be super organised!

Anyway, here is le video, and I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week! (Also, good luck in exams!!)

Kate x

Friday, 6 December 2013

Favourite Christmas Songs || #ChristmasBloggers Series!

Hey huns!
Jane at Dorky, Fizzy & Quirky Stuff has made her own Christmas blogging series called #ChristmasBloggers. I thought this was such a good idea seeing as blogmas is too daunting and overwhelming!

This is the first post which will be favourite Christmas songs!

I love listening to Christmas playlists on my iPod and on Spotify. (I'm listening right now!)

My favourite Christmas song is a toss up between Winter Song, Merry Christmas Everyone & I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday (two oldies but goldies!). My parents love the two old ones, and last year myself and one of my bestfriends were OBSESSED with singing Winter Song.

My favourite carol is O Holy Night! I don't know why but it just is!

Also, any Michael Bublé Christmas songs are just fab.

So I hope you enjoyed the first of the #ChristmasBloggers posts, make sure you check out the other bloggers taking part too!
Kate x 

Christmas Gift Guide Under €15 - for Her

Hey huns!
Remember me? Understandable if you don't considering the last time I posted was the 10th November. My assessments are finally over (the work did pay off!) So hopefully I'll catch up a bit more on blogging and YouTube!

This is my gift guide under €15 for her! I should be filming a video version this weekend which should be up next week. 

I have made three categories for this: Girly, technology related items and cosy!


A really nice gift for any girly girl is a skincare set! The example is by Nivea and includes a lip butter, hand cream and shower gel. Most girls like to treat themselves and it even comes with a cute vanity case. I know that if I got something like this I would be really happy!

Vaseline Pink Crest Lip Tin which you can get in Boots, Superdrug or even Tesco.

I got two of my friends one of these each last year and they loved them! Vaseline is one of my favourite lip balms and getting three along with a big pink Vaseline tin is a beauty lovers dream. 
(Well, not necessarily, but it would be nice!)

Everybody that I know loves Lush and the smell of lush! I bought my friends the individual Santa bath bombs from this set last year. The Santa one is amazing because when it fizzes up, the water is left a dark green colour! Smells great too.

Not Girly
Sort of things you'd give to your not-so-girly friend who is a tom boy/techy/nerdy girl.
CD's from HMV all €12.99

I love music, and I'm sure any girl who isn't totally girly would too. My picks are Lorde's new album, Lady Gagas new album and my absolute album of the year, AM by the Arctic Monkeys.

The Santa Clause (Trilogy I suppose?), It's A Wonderful Life, Mama

Movies are a great gift. All these movies are amazing. Mama is more for those who like freaky horror movies. It's a Wonderful Life is a classic that everyone should own. (Black and white version is better!) And the Santa Clause is just a feel good family Christmas movie, and in fact my favourite Christmas movie. Other good movies are The Hunger Games, La Orphanata (Spanish horror movie) & The Nightmare before Christmas.

iTunes vouchers

These are a good gift if you have no idea and are absolutely stuck! They are a really good present to receive in all fairness. Amazon vouchers are also good for anyone with a Kindle.

Onesie from NewLook

At this time of year, I live in onesies. Literally.
Fleecey ones are best as they are ensured to keep you cosy! Anyone would love a onesie and I feel they are a must.

Blanket with arms from New Look

I got a snuggie-like blanket last year for Christmas and oh my lord. One of the best presents ever! They keep you so warm and you are still able to use your hands like a normal human being without getting cold arms.

Hats and scarf all from New Look

Who doesn't love a hat and scarf as a present? They keep you warm cosy AND fashionable!
The burgundy hat and scarf are great colours for A/W, and the festive hat is such a cute novelty present!

So that is my Christmas Gift Guide under €15 for her! I hope you enjoyed this post and found it somewhat helpful!
Kate x