Thursday, 23 April 2015

LBD Style Sets with DailyLook

Hey huns!

Today I am here with a post in collaboration with DailyLook! They asked me to style one of their LBD's, and I chose this sporty mesh t-shirt dress.

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I was definitely inspired by the sporty trend, which are definitely reflected through the sunglasses and the t-shirt dress.

I absolutely love the sporty look that the mesh t-shirt dress brings! I paired with these gorge green and yellow heels, which I think gives an edgy element to this outfit.

The camera bag also brings another pop of colour to this outfit, and would be a perfect bag for any essentials. Sort of loving the chartreusse colour right now! I also paired it with a small gold bangle which is quite simplistic, but brings another dimension to this outfit. To top it off, I chose these white Quay Australia X Shay Mitchell sunglasses (which I am currently lusting after) and I really feel they tie the accessories together.

And finally, I added a chartreusse bralette to this outfit. Seeing as the dress itself is so sheer, I thought this would be an edgy unexpected pop of colour.

I would personally love to wear an outfit like this, seeing as it is a great transition outifit for spring time! I hope you enjoyed this post, and make sure you check out Dailylook's Style Sets to get some more LBD and fashion inspo.


*all opinions in this post are my own, I am not being paid to do this!