Sunday, 10 November 2013

October Favourites 2013

Hey huns!
I am really sorry about not posting or uploading, but our internet stopped working, and even now its a bit iffy. I'll try and upload as often as I can now, hopefully!

So yes, October is GONE! YES!
This means that we are a month closer to Christmas and very soon the season will be in full swing. But any who, on with my favourites for the month that just passed.
Boing Concealer

I bought this about a month ago now. The coverage of this concealer is really good and is said to be an industrial concealer (on the packaging). 

Catrice Made To Stay Cream Eyeshadow in Copper & Gabanna

This has been in my favourites before! I love this so much and recently I've started using it again. It is a perfect coppery bronze colour with a hint of shimmer. It also stays on for a long time.

Mini Hairbrush & Mirror

I went on a school tour this month (hopefully a post about that to come) and I brought this everywhere. It was so handy! I could brush my fringe and reapply my lippie on the bus no bother!

Dory from Finding Nemo (Disney Store)

I bought this in Venice in the Disney Store. There were so many different ones to chose from, from Simba to Toy Story characters. All the different stuffed toys were originally €28, and were reduced to €15! How could I not pass up Dory? So soft too!

Sephora bag

When on the tour, we went to two cities which both had Sephora! How could I not go? 
I went twice and bought one thing each time. I haven't used them enough to know if they're a favourite, but I do believe they will be. There was Nars, Too Faced, Urban Decay, Bare Minerals along with Sephora's own brand of makeup. We were spoilt for choice!

Another shop is Kiko Cosmetics. This shop was also a cosmetics shop, but was so cheap! I went three times (oops) and bought things the three times! The quality of their products are amazing for the price. I'll have a haul up soon.(hopefully!)

So those are my favourites. I'm sorry there wasn't much, but I hope you enjoyed it anyway!
Kate x

Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Hey huns!
This is a quick update as to why I haven't been posting. The internet in our house has been going off and on constantly for nearly two weeks now and it has finally been fixed. I'll try to have a video up by the end of the week (fingers crossed!) so I am so sorry for being totally MIA. Can't wait to catch up on blogging and vlogging again!