Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Winterlicious TAG!

Hola! So i know I've been doing tags lately but there just so fuuun! but don't worry ill have my November favourites up at the end of the month & MAYBE a few Christmas tutorials & DIY's next month for Christmas. This Tag was made up by MacBarbie07 ,who is a YouTube beauty guru that you should check out if you haven't already. DISCLAIMER!:All these questions are hers and i credit her fully.
So here goes:

Winterlicious TAG!

1.Favourite Winter nail polish?
So im preety much into dark, warm colour for winter at the minute. Like deep reds, deep greens and midnight blues. So my favourite has to be this magnetic nail polish in midnight blue. (I actually did a tutorial video on this over the summer, so if you wanna see how it works ill link that post below!)

2.Favourite winter lip product?
I mentioned this in my mini haul on Sunday but its a favourite of mine already. It has such a deep, wintery colour that will be perfect for Christmas parties and stuff like that.
It is a lip stain by 17 and the colour is in "Berry Crush" so if you like the colour get over to your local Boots and pick one up.

3. Most worn winter clothing piece?
I got this cardigan in H&M last year. I didn't wear it much last year but this year i am TOTALLY in love with it ♥ . It's so warm and the chocolatey brown colour  goes great with a simple t-shirt, pair of jeans and combat boots or UGGs.
ALSO! i am in love with my dorky Christmas sweater from Penneys! Can't wait to wear it when I go Christmas shopping with the girlies :)

4. Most worn winter accessory?
GOTTA be this hat I got from Penneys last year. Its so warm and cute because of the little pom pom on top of it!

5. Favourite winter scent/candle?
Well, because we dont have Bath & Body Works over here, we don't really have a great choice of Christmas scented candles (sigh) we cant even order them off the B&BW website because they dont ship to ireland. also, they only have the Christmas hand sanitisers on Amazon (4 of which i ordered! Will do a post when they arrive) So I'll just say scent. My favourite scent would HAVE to be cinnamon or peppermint.

6. Favourite winter beverage?
Hot Chocolate. 
Nuff said.

7. All time favourite Christmas/Holiday movie?
The Santa Clause. Gotta be my favourite movie of all time! looooove that movay!

8. Favourite Christmas holiday songs? 
SOOOO many! I'll post na pic below and label them.

9. Favourite holiday food/treat?
Well, as i said, i love the smell of cinnamon. So naturally, I love the taste of CINNAMON BISCUITS! Well, they say "spiced" biscuits but they taste mostly like cinnamon to me. I also ♥ me some mince pies!

10. What is your favorite Christmas Decoration this year?
This mini Christmas tree that I have in my room! It's so dainty and i love it. I also had a pic of these little light up snowmen from Dealz but.... i deleted the pic off of my iPod...(woops)

11. Whats at the top of your Christmas list?
Not so sure this year to be honest! Maybe a Kindle or makeup but as i said, not so sure.

12. What are your plans for the holidays this year?
Nothing much! Just going to stay at home to celebrate Christmas like every year. I wouldn't have it any other way.

So that is the Winterlicious haul! Now i tag:

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Hope you liked tag and comment below with a link to the Winterlicious tag you have done so i can read them! 

Kate x

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Hola! So just a mini beauty haul on this rainy, cold, windy, wintery evening! Just went to town yesterday to get a few things that i had in mind! Here they are:

So this is Rimmel's Concealer stick! I've really been wanting to try a concealer stick for a while and when i saw this in Boots i thought "i'll try that!" So i got it in ivory(01) Because they say to get it at least two skin tones lighter so this was the lightest! Can't wait to try it to school tomorow! 

I also got this in Boots. This is 17's lip stain in Berry Crush. It's a lovely deep colour - perfect for winter and Christmas! It's also got a lip balm at the other end to keep your lips refreshed and moisturised.

Above - The Concealer Stick at the top and the lip stain at the bottom.

Ok so the last thing in my mini haul is this POREfect Radiance set from Benefit (*not as big as you think from the pic - that is actually the size in the picture.)
So i had a 5euro voucher and I spent it on this! I really have been DYING to try the POREfessional primer for ages so when i saw this mini size one in the set with the "IT'S POTENT!" eye cream and the moisturiser i just had to have it! (And for a great price at 12.50 euros!) So I think it'll definately be in my November favourites at the end of the month! 

SO! That's it for this mini haul! Hope you guys liked it!

Kate x

Sunday, 11 November 2012

hola! so i am back with an "If I Were An Elf" TAG! So I saw YouTube beauty guru BeautyLiciousInsider (by the way, you guys should really check out her YouTube page, she's really good!!!) she made it up herself and i though it was so awesome i had to do it too! so here goes:

If I Were an Elf!
1. What department would you work in if you were an elf?
If i were an elf, I'd probably work in stuffed toys (because I ♥ them!) or beauty & fashion department.

2.Favorite Childhood toys?
I loooved Lego when I was younger. And Lego Clickits (anyone remember those?) when i was about five i loved Barbies and then i moved on to Brat dolls then Littlest Pet Shop. So yeah! Loads!

3.Are you on the naughty or nice list?
The nice list I'd say. Or at least I hope so... :P

4.Favorite Christmas memory?
Hmmm... soooo many! I really don't know to be honest! Every year great memories are made, so... yeah! 

3. Traditions?
Hmm.. well every year, on Christmas Eve, we open one present each which is really nice!For me and my sibling it's usually pyjamas. Also, we always have hot chocolate before bed.

4. What is your favourite dessert or drink for the holidays?
Well! I really love mince pies, one of my favourites really. Or spiced biscuits, they just remind me of Christmas so much! Umm.. i don't really suppose i have a favourite drink for the holidays, but probably hot chocolate! 

5. What does Christmas mean to you?
Christmas, for me, is a time of year where everyone slows down and spends time with eachother. Especially family. Christmas day is a day where my most of my family, like aunts, uncles, grandparents, all come together and spend a little time together, which is lovely.

So that is the tag! Hope you enjoyed and maybe other bloggers will try it too? Just a thought because it was such a fun tag to just sit and think about Christmas, makes me even more excited than i already am! Also, full credit to beauty guru YouTuber BeautyLiciousInsider!

Thank you guiiise!
Kate x