Tuesday, 14 June 2016


Although I'm not quite finished all my exams just yet (I have three left that are next week...bleugh), I thought now would be an appropriate time to post my summer bucketlist! I feel like over the last few years I've always posted one of these, so why break tradition?

First thing I want to do is to get my full driving license. I've had my provisional since late September/early October, so now after all my lessons, I'm more than excited to be driving on my own. 

When I get my full license, a road trip will definitely be on the cards! I live in such a huge county and I've barely seen any of it, so I think I'll have to explore it this summer.

I also want to try to attend a few concerts this summer. I'm already all set to see Beyoncé in Dublin at the start of July, but that won't stop me from wanting to go to more! 

Reading has really taken a back seat due to all my exams this year. Instead of books on my bookshelf, I have text books, copy books and folders. I just can't wait to be able to read books I want to read! Expect a summer reading list on the way soon.

Blogging more often is really no surprise on this list, as it generally goes on the list every year. I always get so caught up with life and school work that it really takes a back seat. My blogging content (when I have posted) has been so mediocre lately, I even deleted some recent posts out of pure embarassment! I am promising myself to try to make my content so much better this summer.

Along with blogging, of course comes the pictures. I want to take loads of pictures this summer, not only for my blog, but for myself! I want to start filling some photo albums, because I think we all know how much better it is to flick through a physicial photo album, rather than swiping through a digital one.

A pamper day is going to be a must for me after I finish all my exams. Whether it's in a spa or just a chill day at home, I don't care!! But some serious relaxing must be done when I'm no longer tied to the books.

And finally, I really want to up my style game. Lately, all I've been wearing is the same three tops and two pairs of jeans which is súper boring. I really need some inspiration!

I hope you enjoyed this post for my return to the blogging world after a long exam induced hiatus. Even though I'm not quite finished yet, I'm totally looking forward to getting back to blogging again.