Thursday, 31 December 2015

Reflecting & Looking Forward

2015 feels like it went so quickly, but at the same time it feels like it was quite a long year. So much has happened in the space of twelve months: I went to London with one of my best friends, I passed my theory test, I went to Spain for three weeks to improve my Spanish, and although I lost a few friendships along the way, I feel the ones I have only had for a shorter time have become a lot stronger.

I also want to reflect on last years resolutions to see how many I achieved, and perhaps I didn't achieve them all, but who's to say I won't do so this year?

Be more positive was at the top of my list last year. In my opinion, it was quite naive of me to put this on a list of resolutions. Positivity isn't something that has to be around all the time, nor is it something that can be accomplished in one year. Rather more of something that you build on along with maturity.

Be more confident and socialable is another one. I definitely feel like I have come along leaps and bounds regarding this one. It isn't as if I'm suddenly the life of the party, but I can definitely say that i enjoy meeting people outside school at social events, something which made me feel so awkward just a year ago. My confidence will grow as the years go on, and I'm totally ok with that.

Excercise and keep fit... eheh, this one didn't go as previously planned, I did walk for the first few months of the year, and walked here and there over summer, but I definitely am not fit. What did happen, was that I improved my eating habits a lot this year (which always deteriorates at Christmas) and have even dropped a dress size since the start of the year, which is a little victory in its own right.

Perfect winged eyeliner. Now, I wouldn't say that I have perfected it, so to say, but I have gotten a lot better at it!

Painting my room was a big priority, that actually happened! Woo!

Another one was to contribute to my positivity jar, which I actually did! I can't wait to read all the ones from this year, and start a new one for 2016.

And finally, I had said I wanted to blog weekly. I think all I can explain about this one is that life gets in the way, and I just have to take on blogging when I have time, rather than trying to force myself to do it once a week, 

So what about 2016?

So much is going to have happend by this time next year. I'll hopefully have my full licence, I'll have done the leaving cert and hopefully be off to university to study my chosen course. All of this makes me feel so optimistic for the year ahead, as change like this is going to be hopefully so positive in my life. I have written up resolutions, which have moreso turned out to be in more of a  bucket list format for 2016. 

1. Study more
Obviously in the new year I need to get serious about study. It isn't that I haven't done anything up until now, but I want to study a lot more!

2. Read loads
I have always adored reading, but in the last two years I haven't been able to read as much as I wish I could have. It's also beneficial for my vocabulary!

3. Go on a road trip
With a licence comes the freedom of being able to drive around. My friends and I are already planning a mini road trip for the summer time.

4. Put more effort into outfits
This moreso has to do with getting up earlier in order to have more time, rather than going "meh sure I'll throw this on, be grand".

I hope you have had a good 2015, and if not, I hope that 2016 is full of optimisim and you have a great year.

Kate x

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