Sunday, 10 May 2015

Eylure Pre Glued False Eyelashes

Hey huns!
So today I am here with a review, and it is of fake eyelashes by Eyelure!

The ones I have are in 070 and are ready to be applied, so I didn't have to fiddle about with adhesive! 

I did trim them a small bit as they were slightly too long, but other than that they were perfect! As I've started going out to parties more, I am obviously doing full makeup a lot more. I decided that I wanted to try fake eyelashes for a more fuller makeup look.

At first when you get them in the packet, they are marked with L and R for both eyes (obviously). Then it was as simple as taking them out of the packet and sticking them down onto your eyelash line!

I will admit that it is probably a better idea to do your eyeshadow after putting them on as it will probably help them to stick better. But saying that, I liked these eyelashes so much that I bought another pack for the next time that I go out! I am also extremely tempted to try the eyelashes in 100, as the 070 are quite natural, but all in all are perfect for someone who is only beginning to dabble in fake eyelashes.

I hope you enjoyed this review and I'll chat to you in my next blogpost!

Monday, 4 May 2015

Tumblr Inspired Room

Hey huns!
This is a well over due post, but today I am here with my attempt at decorating my room to make it seem tumblr-ish!

Over Easter, my room was stripped of its baby and hot pink walls, the princess wall border (lol) and instead was painted with fresh grey and pink paint. It's honestly made a huge difference to my room. It's brighter and is a lot more grown up!

(Excuse the mess on the dresser)

This was a before picture of a corner of my room. Obviously very bland!

This is my room after!

First thing I did was put up some pictures. I used some normal string and blue tack to stick up the pictures. I obviously took inspiration from Tumblr!

I decided to put my old nightstand back into my room again, seeing as I needed somewhere to put water etc. Behind it, I put up a few extra Polaroids (got them from Polagram if you're wondering) and it actually breaks up the colour on the wall. 
I am actually hoping to get a lot more photos printed and to actually fill up the whole entire wall. With the rate I am taking pictures, that won't be too far away!

Obviously, I stuck up some fairy lights! The daisy ones are really cute and all of the lights are battery powered LED's from Penneys, and they're safe as they don't heat up like plug in lights.

So I hope you enjoyed this post! I apologise for the lack of posts, but life has been extremely busy due to exams! In a few weeks I'll hopefully be back on a posting schedule, due to the fact that I'll be on my summer holidays! Yay!

Chat to you in my next blogpost!