Sunday, 24 February 2013

diy domingo #1

Hey huns! New segment for yous all "diy domingo" (domingo is sunday in spanish for those of you who don't take Spanish) Just until I come up with a better name haha! So today is a diy makeup holder! 
Enjoy x

diy domingo

what you need
  • scissors
  • wrapping paper of your choice
  • pva glue or hot glue gun
  • plastic bottle or plastic cup
1. cut the bottle or get a cup!

2. put the glue on the bottle and wrap the paper around it.

3.cut off the excess paper and glue the rest down.

4. put whatever make up or brushes into the cup/half bottle.

et voila!
your very own customisable makeup holder. you could give it as a gift or use it for pens, whatever you think of.

hope you enjoyed!
Kate x

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Dr Kate

Hey huns! So a quick post just for now! I have a friend, who broke up with her boyfriend about 2 months ago. She was so upset about it, and I was texting her the whole way through the week after, trying my best to cheer her up. So I thought, why not do a segment where every two weeks I talk about a different topic to do with our teen lives. I've only got around to it now, so here goes.

Cliche much? Yes I know. But it affects us all, whether its happened to you, a sibling or a friend. Heres what to do.

he breaks up with you
You've been mad  about him for ages, everything was great until you get that text saying "i think we should break up" or "see other people". And no, the excuses that you hear on T.V are not what always happen, like "its not you, its me" or "we need to talk". so back to the point. You are distraught, heartbroken, everything in your world has crumbled to the ground and you feel there is not one thing in the world that you can do about it. You may feel this way at first, but remember these two words: 
If he can't see what he has, then he definitely doesn't deserve you. You may sit there, doing nothing, eating ben & jerrys ice cream to make yourself feel better
i don't know.
But what I do know is that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Your friends & family are your shoulder to cry on. If you need to. 

Or, you might be glad it's over!

What does Dr Kate prescribe? 
A shopping trip, cinema, then home for pizza, ice cream, junk food and a sleepover. Or, have a movie day with the girls! Look up funny videos on YouTube too. Nothing beats laughing babies or pranks.

your friend is dumped
they have been attatched at the hip and now its over. BOOM. Her world is up in flames and you feel its your rightful duty to make her feel better, be her rock. So thats what you do.
1. Go buy credit
You will be texting her. Alot. You have to be there for her, and make sure she doesn't feel as if everyone has left her.

2. Don't move in on him.
Yes. Thats right. If you like him, or if he likes you, you do not move in on him. He was hers, so he can never be yours. BIG rule.

lots of time to be best friends and do best friend things. always a bright side!

What does Dr Kate prescribe?
FUN! Movie nights and shopping? yes please!

Hope you guys thought this was an ok post. I hope I can do this about every 2 weeks!
Kate x

Sunday, 17 February 2013

OOTW, London & Shopping

Hola! So I have been so  busy this whole mid term! First I was away, my friends were over on Friday and I was at theirs on Saturday, and today I have had the day doing 2 projects due for Tuesday and studying for tests on Tuesday! *phew* So right now I am mega shattered but nonetheless, I must blog!



Ok, so I have to admit this outfit was pretty lazy... I was really tired after all the travelling, so I wore my oversized pink pull over from H&M which I tied at the side (too big & unflattering to be worn untied) with my jeans from Penneys? I think penneys... And my black Vans from Schuh.


We went shopping this day to this huge  shopping center. I swear, it is like one of those malls you see on TV. So I wore my light lace top from Forever21, and plain pink vest from I have no idea, tights and my high waisted shorts from Topshop.


We sightseeing that day, it was great! We went to Hollister the day before and I got this navy pullover there that I wore, which I am in L♥VE with, along with my Topshop shorts & my Vans.


This was the day we were going home *sob* *cue the violins* * wait, no, CUE A FREAKING ORCHESTRA! *
I think I wore my blue Hollister (shame on me, I cannot remember) with my jeans, pink snood, H&M greeny coat and ohmygod I was so silly... I wore wedges.
They wouldn't fit into my suitcase (it's a carry on) so I stuck my Vans into my shoulder bag and had to wear my wedges. They ARE lovely, but not airport/travelling material. My mam and brother ran so we could catch the bus, and there was pathetic me, trying to catch up........
I learned my lesson.


My friends were at mines this day, so I dressed comfay! I'm wearing a David&Goliath (it's a shop in London) tshirt that says "best buds" coz theres 2 earbuds! Get it?! Aw I love puns... I am wearing blue leggings and my blue Hollister hoodie. I also put the BIG lace BOW in the back of my head. Gotta love Claires.

My true home! I love this place so much! The shops, the fashion, everything! It's my dream to live there when I'm older. I'm in love with it.

I know it's sideways... this was in Covent Garden for Easter. It's a giant Lindt bunny! i don't think he's chocolate though. I love how Covent Garden do stuff in the courtyards for the different times of year. Last year they pushed a ginormous Creme Egg, that was real chocolate and goo off a giant diving bored! It was all smashed on the ground and it was awesome.

A Dora the Explorer one... withh backpack and map. Nuff said.

Spongebob! This one was so cool. One of my favouries.

I love these! They're the fruit coolers from Costa. This is the berry one which I got in large cos I was feeling very self generous.

They had over 150 of these all around Covent Garden! You could even buy them! They were in shops and everything, some were like vintage ones too which I thought were uber cool.

Believe me, we did ALOT of this. Might post my Lush haul later in the week.

H&M, Lush, Hollister, David&Goliath & MAC. Just a few of my favourite places!

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Review: Revlon Lip Butter

Hola! So last week I bought a Revlon lip butter. You always hear YouTubers raving about these and I really see why! I got mine in Boots for €11 I think, but if you have a Superdrug near you, get them there. €2 cheaper which I only realised after... But anyway!
The colour I bought is 090 Sweet Tart. This lipstick is literally like butter! It's so smooth and has great stay! I find it really moisturising and this will more than likely be in my February favourites. If I'm going out I can use it as full on colour like the picture below, and for school I just put on a little bit and smudge it so its more toned down and more a lip stain than lip stick. I seriously want to get more of these. They're super wearable and unlike lipstick they don't dry out your lips.
(Sorry for the bad lighting in the photos!)

Kate x