Saturday, 11 August 2012

School Accessories

Hello my fashion savvies! Kate here with another segment in 'Back to School Style'. This time it's accessories! Here's a few must haves. 
As Autumn comes into season, it'll be getting colder! Time to whip out the woolies, or even better, go shopping for new ones! ;D
Coral Fleck SLouch Bobble Hat £8.99 New Look

Cream Polka Dot Scarf £2.99 New Look

Frill Crook Umbrella £7.99 New Look

Purple Metal Bow Skinny Belt £3.99 New Look

Geek Glasses £3.99 New Look

Black Polka Dot Skinny Strap Watch £8.99 New Look

So! Those are some of the things that are a non-essential school essential! Hope you like!

Kate x

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Back to School Style


Hello my fashion savvies! Kate here back after a little break! Have missed blogging but y'know... Anyway! School is only 3 weeks away (:'( Sniffle) so that means new hairstyles, shoes, accessories, schoolbag, school accessories, etc. etc. SO! I'm gonna do segments of back to school style, with some tutorials & wishlists so stay tuned!

My first segment is shoes! An essential to define your fashion if you're stuck with a boring uniform. This year i'm wearing incredibly comfy brogues!Remember! School shoes can be a good investment 'cos they'll last you the year & need to be comfy If you're stuck for some ideas, here's a few:
Black (Black) Black Simple Ballet Pumps | 227741601 | New Look
Black Simple Ballet Pumps £7.99 New Look

Black (Black) Black Patent Brogues | 255122101 | New Look
Black Patent Brogues £15.99 New Look
Rocket Dog Randy Flats EUR45 Schuh
Black Vans EUR55 Schuh
Womens Schuh Mel Lace Brogue Flats EUR77

So those are my choices of shoes for back to school! I'm wearing brogues similar to the Schuh ones, but from Clarks. Couldn't use any of the Clarks ones as they didnt have any prices :( But i hoped you liked my choices! ;D

Kate x

Friday, 3 August 2012

Friday Face Mask

Hello my fashion savvies! Another face mask to celebrate Friday! This weeks mask is a strawberry face mask. Enjoy!
What You Need:
▬Natural Yogurt

Smush the strawberries and add them to the yogurt. Smear on your face for a fruity face mask!

Comment below if you tried this!

DaisyChain x

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Button Hair Accessory Tutorial

Hello my fashion savvies! another tutorial! This time it's a button hair accessory.
▬Big Button
▬PVA or Plastic glue (preferably)
▬Hair grip or clip of some kind.

Hope you like! Comment below if you do!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Favourite Product

My favourite product of August is...
Aussie Shampoo
I L♥VE this shampoo brand! It smells lovely and when I first used it, I expected it to be white or cream in colour, but surprisingly, it was blue! It worked wonders on my hair, making it soft, shiny and it took away the frizz. The conditioners are great too. I think everyone should try it.