Friday, 30 June 2017

Back to blogging basics

Well hello!

I feel like these posts appear more often than posts actually about other stuff (beauty, fashion, lifestyle etc.) so here's to hoping I can put an end to it!

I feel like blogging, for me, hasn't been as easy due to my busy uni life, my summer job and altogether poor time management. I'm currently waitressing at a local restaurant and whenever I get a day off - such as today - I've been opting to do as little as possible.

I only have just over a week left at the job, and after that I'm going to be going abroad for about 5 weeks, which is kinda mad to think about, but exciting at the same time, which is why I am going to be starting a travel diary series and documenting how I'm getting on!

I also haven't been totally happy with blogging lately, due to the fact that I think the name of my blog no longer properly represents what I'm blogging about. I first intended this blog to be more fashion and beauty based, but really, I feel like it's been leaning more towards the lifestyle side of things. With this in mind, I'm planning on perhaps changing the name of my blog as soon as I can think of a name that matches my style (and a name that's available).

SO that is that, and I hope to be back with a blogpost again this Sunday!