Sunday, 28 September 2014


Hey huns! 
So today I am here with a sort of mini haul! I went shopping last week and picked up a few things which I am IN LOVE with!

The first thing I picked up was this beautiful dress from New Look. I was walking past the shop when I saw it in the window and I just had to get it! The pattern is absolutely beaitiful and the colour is perfect for Autumn and Winter. Paired with some black boots, this is definitely going to be a favouite of mine for the rest of this year!

The next thing I got was a pair of mom jeans from River Island. They were a bit pricey at €50, but I wore them yesterday and I just absolutely love them! Now all I need is a nice black jumper to go with them...

(excuse the fact that the strap of my camera is in this last photo)

The last place I went was Topshop. I have the white version of this top from the tall section and I've been eyeing up this one for ages (even though it isn't a tall one). Although it is no longer crop top season, I just know I'm going to find lots of ways to incorporate this top into my outfits. It's also a great winter colour.

So that is my mini haul, I hope you enjoyed!

Thursday, 25 September 2014

A heart to heart...

Hey Huns,
So today I am here with more of a serious post rather than the usual beauty posts that I haven't been posting.

Earlier this week, I put every single video on my YouTube channel on private. I did this through the total and utter fear of someone in my new year finding it. I know, that I shouldn't be afraid of something like this happening, but I just feel that I would be made fun of if someone found my channel and spread it about that I had one.

I also have started 5th year, and let me just say it is full on. I find myself doing my homework until after 9pm, and I have that on top of practice for grade seven piano and grade six singing. I barely have time to tweet, never mind trying to film videos! 

Don't get me wrong though, I absolutely love making videos. But I don't want to make videos if I haven't put 100% time and effort into making them look the way I want. I just feel that I can't put my all into what I want to do, which makes me sad.

So you're probably thinking at this stage, "where are you going with this?"
Basically, I'm thinking of giving up on YouTube. I haven't thought it through 100% just yet, so I may continue with it. I may also just consider taking a break and focus more on blogging, which I LOVE and haven't been doing as much lately. I plan on doing more outfit posts among other things. 

What do you think of this situation (if you could even call it that)? 


Sunday, 14 September 2014

Where have I been?

Hey huns!

So as the question states, where have I been?
I last posted in August, the 7th of August to be exact, and since then I've been quite busy.

Throughout the whole month of August, I spent a lot of time with my friends having sleepovers and just hanging out in general. My parents were also off so I spent a lot of time doing family stuff (including a 10k walk which killed my hips). I went to a wedding, which was great fun and was my first wedding ever.

The month of August is usually a month of prepping for school (mentally as well as actually purchasing things). I was busy getting books and stationary and my uniform, which is actually quite time consuming.

I also went to see the Janoskians who were AMAZING. This was in fact the night before school started so  I was going around my first day of school on 4 hours sleep.
Totally worth it though.

I am now also in 5th year of secondary school, which is pretty full on if I do say so myself. I don't think I've ever had as much homework as I do now! Currently, I have a lot of music homework which I should really be doing, but anywho...

Yesterday was my birthday, Yes, sweet 16 as the helium balloons my mother so kindly bought me said (I loved that surprise). I spent two days with my friends and had a lovely meal with my family and friends. I also watched half of Barbarella, which was hilariously silly.

I'm not making excuses for not blogging. I just want to explain why I just haven't gotten around to getting back into my blogging mojo. I hope now to blog at least once a week or every two weeks, if I can.

Hope you haven't missed me too much!