Sunday, 18 December 2016

Pre-Christmas Lush Haul

I love Lush, and I've loved it ever since I was younger too, except then I probably considered it as more of a novelty because of the bath bombs. Yet, as I have gotten older, Lush has become my go to place for my skincare needs. Today (Thursday), I returned to Dublin for my exams, but before I went back to my residences I had to stop off in Lush to stock up!

(Also can we just appreciate how beautiful this bag is?!)

Honestly, I had actually set out to buy Mask of Magnaminty as I heard it's meant to be so good for acne prone skin. Unfortunately, they didn't have it (again), so I decided to try out their Cosmetic Warrior face mask. The smell is a bit strange (garlic and tea tree are a weird mix), but I have full faith in Lush that it will do wonders for my skin, and I can't wait to use this on Sunday to wind down before my last exam.

Ah, Snow Fairy. Such a beautiful shower gel, that I've been getting every Christmas season for a good 3/4 years now. I make a point of buying this every year as I adore the sweet scent and, of course, the bright pink colour. My roommate had recommended Rose Jam, but of course I had to go back to this one!

This is probably my fourth pot of Herbalism from Lush. I wrote a review here last year about it. I honestly think my skin would be in such an awful state if it weren't for this product! As I use a liberal amount morning and night, I needed to get more as I wouldn't have enough for my winter break (which is four weeks!!). Definitely recommend this if you have acne prone skin.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Hopefully I'll have a few more Christmassy posts next week in the run up to Christmas. Unfortunately I haven't had time to plan any fun creative posts this year!

Kate x

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  1. Nice post! I haven't been to Lush in ages and I hope over the Christmas period that I will be able to pop in and stock my essentials like Grease Lightning and Don't Look At Me.